10 tips to lose 2 or 3 pounds

10 tips for weight loss

Want to shed those extra pounds before you go on vacation? To achieve your goal, no need for yet another diet. It is enough to modify your daily life slightly.

The basis for losing weight is to increase energy output and / or decrease input. In the case of two or three kilos , these are the very little things of the day that, in the long run, end up being a winner. But you have to accept that it takes time, the process can be long and you should not expect to lose them in 15 days. On the other hand, they are pounds lost naturally over time.

1. Eat your fill

Are you no longer hungry? Don’t force yourself! Your goal: rediscover the feelings of hunger and satiety, which we sometimes tend to forget. In practice, it is a matter of waiting to be hungry before starting to eat (it is not because it is 12:30 p.m. that you have to run to get your lunch) and to leave the table once satisfied.

2. Forget the XXL portions

Your goal: to reduce the food proportions a little . For that, there are many tips: do not leave the dish on the table to avoid refilling too much, drink half a glass of orange juice in the morning rather than a whole (and remove a slice of bread) or even use a small size plate.

3. Drink at least 1.5 L of water per day

Because hydrating is good for your health. Drinking water is an essential slimming gesture , it is not a myth.

4. Keep “doudou” foods

Because it’s so heartwarming. Cheese, chocolate, cold cuts … Even if they are rich in sugars or fats, these “forbidden” foods should not be completely eliminated from your menus. This avoids frustrations. The more foods you cut out, the greater your urge to crack and the more likely your diet will fail. A gap once a week is allowed!

5. Calories: this way the exit!

We now know that physical activity is as important as diet when we want to lose weight. Your goal: to increase calorie output. For that, there is no need to start preparing for a marathon. Opt for a non-binding activity that you can practice regularly and with a smile!

6. Nibble smart

Because snacks aren’t just for kids. And between lunch and dinner, we often need a little snack to avoid fatigue. The key is not to eat anything. We recommend: a pancake made from whole grains, a piece of fruit (an apple, a banana) or even a 0% white cheese.

7. Eat light in the evening

Because we store calories when we sleep.  During the night, our body is at rest and consumes a minimum of calories, just what it needs to breathe or to dream for example. If the evening meal is too large, then the calories are not burned during sleep and are therefore directly stored. Remember: eat copious at noon and light at night.

8. Think of yourself and that’s it!

Because you don’t have to wait until you’ve lost weight to gain flirtatiousness. Treat yourself to a massage from time to time , cover yourself with body cream … In short, thinking about yourself is essential to feel good in your body. What to boost his confidence and stay the course.

9. Take it easy on alcoholic and sugary drinks

Because the liquid version calories are the worst. For the record, a small glass of wine (100 ml) is equivalent to 70 calories, a can of soda is worth 140 and the alcohol / sweet drink cocktail of mojito and other caipirinha increases the score to 175 calories. To be consumed in moderation therefore.

10. Mix up small “homemade” dishes

Because we are never better served than by ourselves. Your mission by preparing your own meals: reduce the amount of fat, sugar, salt (it doesn’t make you lose weight, but it’s better for your health) and stock up on vegetables. As you know, store-bought ready meals generally contain hidden sugars and fats.